This is my little corner of the web. I'm a software developer working for the Infrared Space Archive at Caltech in DevOps. Mostly, though, I'm a very busy husband and father.

I've placed some notes here about my work and some other stuff that you may find useful.

I'm a Unix guy, working mostly in C++ and Python. I do love to code. I also find I'm most useful to early stage start-ups where you can get your hands dirty in all manner of things!

Recent Blog Posts ("Recent" being relative)

Python zipapp Review

Published 2023-05-31

I blogified a presentation I gave about zipapp.

Postfix, iPhone, Apple Mail and the reject_unknown_helo_hostname parameter

Published 2021-07-02

Apple Mail uses a fake hostname, and my Postfix configuration was blocking iUsers from sending mail.

Updating the SSL certificate pair on the Unifi Controller

Published 2019-02-08

I have certificate authority for my internal domain, so I wanted to update the unifi Controller TLS certificate.

Firefox and org-protocol URL Capture

Published 2017-07-21, updated 2021-03-02

I integrate everything with org-mode, so I need to get URLs, tasks, and notes from Firefox into org-mode, and org-protocol provides the mechanism.